Scoring reminders...


Please refer to this email we have received from NPNA about scoring on Saturdays. Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Thanks to everyone’s support with the start of the new season.

I just wanted to re-iterate some scoring procedures.
· Please ensure that a scorer from each team is standing together for the entire game
· Before the game, please ensure that all players taking court are marked as playing (if they are not playing, please do not mark them off)
· Please ensure that any new players taking the court for your team are added, (there is an add player button if needed) & that you mark them as playing also
· Please ensure that the scoreboard is given to an umpire on your court at the end of the game, so that the scores can be submitted.

NPNA do appreciate the clubs support with the scoring process.

We wish each club & team the very best for the rest of the season.